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My name is Jean Maurice Touboul. I am an online technology and marketing expert who helps clients in California and beyond maximize their “footprint” on the web to increase traffic, deliver the best possible customer service and maximize their revenues and yield.

However, contrary to current trend, I do not prescribe to the marketing flavor of the moment and claim to solve everything with one marketing solution like social media, e-mail, search or any other solution. Rather my philosophy is to find and mix the right blend of technology, marketing and analytics to address the needs of my clients specific needs. After all, the web is not made up of only techies, social networkers or people who search. Instead, it is a blend of people who need all these features in order to get to what they want in the shortest possible time. More often than not, there are too many opinions, too much contradiction and it makes the web confusing.

As a result people want to associate with like-minded individuals who tell them what they want. With this in mind, I make it my business to analyze my clients’ business model, understand the trends in their space, what works or what doesn't in their vertical, the way people think, and determine the best possible strategy to grow traffic, insure that each user becomes a lifetime customer and fan and extend brand recognition. I do this thanks to a deep understanding of the web as well as an understanding of my clients' business and their customers' need. With this knowledge, we can then better define a strategy, identify opportunities, eliminate weaknesses, and put in place a realistic plan of action that taps into the vast array of technology, marketing and analytic resources to insure success.

If you want to know more about what I can offer, send me an email or call me and I will give you a free consultation on where you are and where you'd like to be. It's a simple review that will tell you how well you are doing. Call me at 415-670-9397 or click here to e-mail me.

If you are a beginner in the online world you may want to check out my free e-book on how to be successful on the web. To get started, simply click on the “Free e-Book” link on the right column.

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Strategy and Business: We provide expert knowledge in business strategy and marketing plans, media relations, presentations, proposals, global expansion, outsourcing, insourcing, and localization.

Project Management and Development: PHP, JAVA, .NET working with top programmers in the US and overseas, providing architecture, project management, data management strategy, analytics and intelligence.

Internet Marketing and Media: E-commerce strategy, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing and list management, leads, SEO, PR, analytics, site architecture, web design, and content.

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Recent Projects

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- GeoInfoWeb (geoinfoweb.com) - Extensive database of wells in Nigeria (Google Map, complex data structure, vast storage capacity)

- Connect Address (connectaddress.com) - Connect Address uses social networks, text messaging, email and other web based services to connect people and addresses.

- Gift Accept Web (giftaccept.com) - Online gift solution delivering gifts to anyone regardless even when sender does not have a delivery address

- Gift Accept Facebook Application (apps.facebook.com/gift-accept) - Facebook application version of Gift Accept enabling users to import friends and send gifts without an address

- EnContext EDU (encontextedu.com) - Patent pending solution that enables educators to enhance video educational program to include additional resources for students.

- EnContext Advertising (encontextadvertising.com) - Video advertising solution using a patent pending imbedding technique for videos

- Basamba (basamba.com) - Basamba pays back dividends each times a member buys something from one of our retail partners including major brands like Office Depot, Walmart, Dell, Fossil, and many more

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