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Broadband Users’ Mobile Video App Use, by Age Group

Source: The Diffusion Group (TDG) Notes: Not surprisingly, late Millennials (18-24) are the most likely to be using a mobile video application at least once a month, with 63% reporting doing so, per TDG’s research. A majority in the 25-34 (56%) and 35-44 (55%) brackets also use mobile video apps monthly, with 49% of adult […]

B2C Content Marketing on LinkedIn: What Younger Members Want

Some 47% of young LinkedIn members read news or information from consumer brands on LinkedIn at least once a month, and roughly half trust information about consumer products they see on LinkedIn, according to results from a LinkedIn survey [download page] of 1,841 of its members aged 18-45 from the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and […]

Americans’ Most Popular Online and Mobile Purchases

Almost 7 in 10 US adults have made a clothing purchase online, making this the most common purchase of 10 identified categories, according to survey results from Harris Interactive. But while clothing is the most popular purchase overall, digital content – such as movies, music and e-books – tops the list for both smartphones and tablets. The […]

Consumer Goods Companies’ Top Strategic Priorities

Source: KPMG International / Consumer Goods Forum [pdf] Notes: Some 56% of consumer goods executives identify data analytics as “very” or “critically” important to their strategy this year, with omni-channel/digital strategy (54%) and regulatory compliance (54%) closely following. Almost half of respondents also see data security and privacy as a strategic priority this year – […]

6 in 10 B2B Execs Agree That Social Business Has Created Value

Source: MIT Sloan Management Review / Deloitte [download page] Notes: While social business (defined to “include activities that use social media, social software and technology-based social networks to enable connections between people, information and assets”) is often seen as the realm of B2C companies, almost 6 in 10 B2B respondents to this year’s global survey […]

Email Rated Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactic

Of the various digital marketing tactics available, US digital marketers deem email the most effective for awareness, acquisition, conversion and customer retention, per results from a Gigaom Research study [download page] sponsored by Extole. Email’s influence is most pronounced when it comes to retention, beating out social media marketing and content marketing, among others, by […]

B2B Salespeople’s Most Highly Valued Customer Conversations

Source: Corporate Visions Notes: B2B marketers and salespeople around the world identified conversations in which they create opportunities from the status quo as their most valuable in helping them reach quota. Some 38% chose this as the conversation with the most impact, followed by effective executive conversations (16%), and conversations in which they achieve successful […]

C-Level Execs: Customer Engagement Top Strategic Priority for Digital

CEOs are playing a more important role in digital-business initiatives, according to results from a global survey conducted by McKinsey & Company. Slightly more than 6 in 10 C-level executives responding to the survey said that CEOs support digital-business initiatives, up from 55% last year and 46% the year before. Expectations for digital are also […]

Best-Perceived Brands by US LGBT Consumers

Source: YouGov Notes: Costco tops the list of best-perceived brands, according to the YouGov BrandIndex Buzz score, which is compiled by subtracting negative from positive feedback about a brand. Netflix and Panera Bread followed in close succession, with Trader Joe’s and YouTube rounding out the top 5. Meanwhile, Carnival, Walmart, and Exxon topped the list […]

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Global Internet Users: Brand Interactions As Likely on Google+ As on Twitter

Source: GlobalWebIndex (GWI) Notes: Internet users aged 16-64 from 32 countries around the world are far more likely to be sharing brand content on Facebook than on Google+ or Twitter, per GWI’s study covering Q1 activity, though that’s likely a reflection of adoption rates. Beyond Facebook, rates of sharing brand content (such as photos and […]

FSI Coupon Distributions Increase by 3.4% Y-O-Y in H1

Source: Kantar Media Notes: 158 billion FSI coupons were distributed during the first half of this year, representing a 3.4% increase from the year-earlier period, per Kantar Media’s report. With the average face value of a coupon increasing by 4.5% to $1.69, the total dollar amount of incentives circulated grew by 8% to $267 billion. […]

Facebook Ad CTRs Up in Q2

The average click-through rate for Facebook ads on desktop and mobile platforms in Q2 was 0.36%, details Nanigans in its latest quarterly benchmarks report [download page] covering activity among its customers, which are predominantly direct response advertisers at e-commerce, gaming and other pure play internet companies. The 0.36% CTR represents a 47% quarter-over-quarter increase and […]

Globally, Consumers Say They Spend More Time Shopping Offline Than Online

Source: PayPal [pdf] Notes: Across 15 countries tracked, consumers in 13 markets reported spending more time shopping offline than online, with China (narrowly in favor of online) and Brazil (online and offline on par) being the only exceptions. Interestingly, US respondents estimated spending the least amount of time shopping both online and offline. Meanwhile, the […]

B2B Media Revenues Up 4.5% Y-O-Y in Q1

Source: The Association of Business Information & Media Companies (ABM) Notes: B2B media industry revenues grew by 4.5% year-over-year to reach $7.1 billion, per ABM, with digital revenue leading the way with a 19.5% increase. Database and information service revenue grew by 4.6%, with more modest growth seen for even revenue, which was up by […]