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4 in 10 Millennial Smartphone Users Listen to Podcasts on Their Devices At Least Monthly

Source: comScore [download page] Notes: Some 29% of smartphone-owning adults listen to podcasts using their smartphones at least once a month, with that figure reaching 41% among 18-34-year-olds, according to a recently-released report from comScore. The survey indicates that 18-34-year-olds are 44% more likely than the average smartphone-owning adult to listen to podcasts on their […]

Are Young People Watching Less TV? (Updated – Q2 2015 Data)

The latest quarterly TV viewing figures are in, and with 4-and-a-half years’ worth of data to examine, it’s possible to see real trends emerging in Americans’ traditional TV viewing habits. The short of it? Yes, youth as a whole are watching less traditional TV, to the extent that this article may soon need to be renamed […]

Friday Research Wrap, 9/25/2015

Planned viewing of TV programs during primetime has reached a new high, while program switching is at a new low, reports GfK in a recent study. While watching a program on a TV network remains the most common use of a TV set during primetime, more viewers are watching recorded programs and streaming video. So […]

1 in 8 Desktop Page Views in the US Said to be Affected by Ad Blocking

Almost 1 in 10 (9%) of unique visitors to websites in the US (desktop-only) block ads, per a recent study from comScore and Sourcepoint, with that the lowest rate of 7 countries measured. The behavior is far more widespread in France (24%) and Germany (27%), where about one-quarter of internet users are blocking ads.

Gen X Now Reportedly The Largest Generation of Affluents

Among affluents, Gen Xers (34-50) now outnumber Baby Boomers (51-69) for the first time, with the former accounting for 37% of all affluents and the latter 32%, according to Ipsos’ latest annual survey of affluents in the US. The results are essentially switched from last year, leading Ipsos to declare this “a changing of the […]

Consumer Satisfaction With the In-Store Shopping Experience

Source: Zebra Technologies [pdf] Notes: About three-quarters of the almost 2,000 shoppers surveyed around the world by Zebra Technologies are at least somewhat satisfied with shopping in stores, per a recent study. But satisfaction rates are lower for product prices (58%) and the availability of coupons, special offers and discounts (51%). The study results indicate […]

Friday Research Wrap, 9/11/2015

Who has the most emotional response to online video ads? Apparently it’s young men, according to recent research from Unruly. Of 18 emotional responses to video ads, males aged 18-34 had the highest emotional response in 14, per the study, which notes that Millennial men’s emotional reactions were on average 14% higher than those of […]

Consumers Wary of Sharing Personal Data With Retailers

Only 4 in 10 consumers surveyed in 12 countries say they’re comfortable receiving personalized text message offers from retailers, and even fewer are comfortable sharing personal information while making purchases, finds Zebra Technologies in a recently-released study [pdf]. The results are interesting in light of separate research from Aimia [pdf] finding that most consumers will […]

Facebook Estimated to Capture One-Fifth of US Mobile Ad Spending

Source: eMarketer Notes: Facebook will grow to account for 20.3% of all US mobile ad spending in 2017, up slightly from an estimated 19.4% share this year and 18.5% last year, per eMarketer’s latest estimates. (That would be in line with the 19% of mobile internet time spent with Facebook.) While Facebook’s share of mobile […]

90% of US Mobile Internet Time Said Spent in Apps

Source: Flurry Notes: Apps continue to dominate US time spent with mobile, says Flurry, reaching 90% of mobile minutes in June 2015, up from 86% share in Q2 2014. Breaking down mobile internet consumption by app and browser categories, the data shows Facebook’s app by itself occupies 19% share of time spent, meaning that it […]

Enterprise CMOs Say They Spread Their Budgets Evenly Across the Customer Journey

CMOs are no longer investing the majority of their budgets to customer acquisition, instead spreading their spending more evenly across the customer journey, says The CMO Club in a recent study [pdf] conducted in collaboration with IBM. The survey of 100 CMOs with annual marketing budgets of at least $1 million found 57% predicting an […]

CMOs Bullish on Mobile Marketing Spending, Not So Hot on Current Performance

CMOs are ready to boost their mobile marketing budgets, and there are signs they have already been doing so, according to results from the latest edition of the biannual CMO Survey [pdf] from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. CMOs responding to the study predicted that mobile would occupy 15.6% share of their marketing budgets in 3 […]

Budgets Limited For Multicultural Marketing Initiatives

Multicultural consumers represented 92% of US population growth between 2000 and 2014, per a recent report, and research suggests that Hispanic and Asian households will outspend non-Hispanic Whites over the remainder of their lifetimes. Yet many marketers lack a multicultural marketing initiative or significant spending on one, according to a new study [download page] from […]

CMOs Continue to Report Low Usage of Marketing Analytics

Source: The CMO Survey [pdf] (Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business) Notes: Just 31% of projects use available or requested marketing analytics, well within the 29-37% range seen over the past 3-and-a-half years, according to US CMOs responding to the latest edition of The CMO Survey. B2C product companies appear to be leading the pack […]