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Advertising and PR Industry Continues to Suffer From Low Public Perception

Source: Gallup Notes: Just 37% of Americans have a positive view of the advertising and public relations industry, which puts it behind reputationally-challenged industries such as pharma and banking (each at 40%). With 33% of survey respondents having a negative view of the advertising and PR industry, the net positive rating for the industry is […]

Are Young People Watching Less TV? (Updated – Q2 2014 Data)

The latest TV viewing figures are in, and with more than 3 years’ worth of data to examine, it’s possible to see some real trends emerging in Americans’ TV viewing habits. The short of it? Yes, youth as a whole are watching less TV – and they watch a lot less than older Americans. And, as […]

Consumers: Brands’ Online Product Recommendations Spur Purchases

Brand enthusiasts find product recommendations based on prior purchase history to be both helpful and influential, details a new report from StrongView and Edison Research. The study analyzes the impact of digital communication from brands on consumers, noting that email is by far the leading online communication channel in terms of influencing purchases, and that relevant […]

Are Billion-Dollar Strategic Decisions Being Made on the Basis of Data or Intuition?

Spending on data analytics is rising, and CMOs report that one of their most effective applications of predictive analytics has been to leverage consumer data to support intuitive hypotheses. With all the buzz about big data, recent studies have shown somewhat conflicting results regarding the extent to which data or intuition is used in decision-making. […]

4 in 10 Senior Execs at Large Organizations Don’t Measure Customer Lifetime Value

A recent survey of global marketers found a greater focus on customer acquisition than retention, and a new Forbes Insights and Sitecore survey [download page] of North American senior executives indeed finds that attracting new customers is considered a greater priority for marketing organizations today than turning current customers into customers for life. And while […]

Companies’ Top Strategic Partnership Drivers

Source: CMO Council / Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network [download page] Notes: Some 85% of survey respondents report that strategic partnerships and alliances are at least important to their business, although 43% say that less than 60% of their partnerships have been successful. Effective partnerships are most beneficial in acquiring new customers (68%) and increasing […]

Global Market Research Spending Exceeded $40B Last Year

Source: ESOMAR Notes: Spending on market research grew by 2.8% year-over-year in 2013 (0.7% after adjusting for inflation) to exceed US$ 40B, reports ESOMAR, with the broader “business intelligence” market growing by 50% to surpass $US 60B. Within the traditional market research sector, the North American market grew most rapidly on a inflation-adjusted basis for […]

How US Consumers Define Brand Loyalty – and What Drives It

The majority of American adults are loyal to 5 or fewer brands, with their loyalty most often placed with financial service providers and grocery retailers, finds a study conducted by Epsilon and Wylei Research and shared with MarketingCharts. Consumers surveyed for the report were most likely to define brand loyalty as shopping on the basis […]

B2B Email Newsletters: Dedicated Emails on the Rise

Source: MediaRadar Notes: In a year-long (March 2013-March 2014) study of almost 20,000 advertisers in 2,905 B2B email newsletters, MediaRadar reveals that 31% of advertisers only bought in email. During the study period, dedicated emails – in which there was a single advertiser – comprised 38% of email newsletters, with that share increasing during early […]

Digital Marketers: Personalization Critical to Long-Term Brand Objectives

Personalization is already of considerable importance to current objectives, but its importance is even more pronounced when it comes to brands’ long-term success, finds a study [download page] conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Conversant Media. Some 47% of survey respondents – B2C marketing and customer insights decision-makers with responsibility for digital marketing strategy […]

Online Ad Campaigns’ On-Target Percentage, by Demographic Zone

Source: Nielsen Notes: Overall, 59% of online ad impressions served reach their target audience, finds Nielsen, down from 69% last year, as advertisers increasingly target narrower audience segments. Not surprisingly, the highest on-target rates are for campaigns targeting broad age ranges of more than 30 years, regardless of gender (84% on-target), while the lowest rates […]

Few Online Retailers Report Using Advanced Personalization, Testing Techniques

While roughly two-thirds of online retailers have some type of personalized content on their websites, basic techniques such as product recommendations (45%) are being used more commonly than more advanced ones such as dynamic pricing (8%), per results from a Retention Science survey of 139 marketers at online retailers. Similarly, while almost three-quarters conduct some […]

Consumers’ Top Text Message Opt-In Drivers

Source: BlueHornet Notes: Only half of consumers would subscribe to a company’s text messaging program, per the report, with about 60% of those doing so in order to receive coupons. The influence of deals and discounts is apparent elsewhere in the report: consumers are most likely to subscribe to companies’ email programs in order to […]

Consumers: Emails With Discounts Heavily Influence Purchase Decisions

Emails with discounts have a greater influence on purchase decisions than a variety of other forms of marketing communication, including direct mail, opt-in text messages and Facebook posts from companies, say consumers responding to a new study [download page] from BlueHornet. Indeed, a significant proportion of respondents say that they wait for discounts via email […]

Mobile Ad CTRs Higher In-App Than on the Web

Source: Medialets [download page] Notes: Mobile ads served in applications had a significantly higher click-through rate (CTR) than those served on the mobile web (0.56% and 0.23%, respectively) during the first half of this year, a finding that aligns with a similar conclusion derived from an Opera study last year. The latest analysis – based […]