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Consumer Magazines’ Revenue Sources, Per Executives

Source: FOLIO: Magazine Notes: The consumer magazine CEO survey finds that an estimated 44% share of revenues came from print ads last year, while only 11% came from digital advertising and 1% from mobile advertising. As for next year? Not much change in the works: respondents predict that 42% of revenues will come from print […]

2 in 3 Marketers Say Tech Is Very Important to Their Performance. How?

Two-thirds of marketers (mostly senior level) describe the importance of new technologies to their group’s overall effectiveness and performance as “essential” (29%) or “very important” (38%), according to a new report [download page] from the CMO Council and Tealium. In fact, only 5% say that their investments aren’t producing tangible business value, with many working […]

Enterprise-Class Advertisers’ CTRs, by Channel and Device, in Q3

Source: Marin Software [download page] Notes: Smartphones have the highest click-through rates across search, social and display ads, finds Marin Software in a review of the Q3 performance of enterprise-class marketers who spend in excess of $1 million annually on paid search, social and display channels. When it comes to conversion rates, though, desktops reign […]

How Brands Are Falling Short With Consumers

Almost 9 in 10 consumers want more meaningful relationships with brands, yet fewer than 1 in 5 believe brands are delivering on that wish, details Edelman in its second annual “brandshare” report. The study, based on surveys of 15,000 consumers in 12 countries who have had some level of engagement with brands, also finds that […]

4 in 5 Companies Report Steady or Increasing Costs-Per-Lead

A slim majority of marketers and salespeople from around the world say that their lead generation effectiveness is improving, while just 1 in 10 see it worsening, finds Ascend2 and its Research Partners in a new study [download page]. While that may be the case, respondents (chiefly B2B-focused) were more likely to say that their […]

Facebook Post Interaction Rates, by Industry, in Q3 2014

Source: Adobe Notes: The retail industry topped all others tracked in Q3 post interaction rates (comments, likes, shares, and other interactions), with its 4.18% average representing a 13% increase over the year-earlier period. No other industry experienced an increase in post engagement rates. Separately, the study notes that average organic impressions on Facebook decreased by […]

How Do B2B Execs Find Content? Search

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit / Peppercomm Notes: Online search tools are more important to B2B executives than company websites and recommendations when it comes to finding content from companies that is credible and trustworthy, according to a recent survey. Separately, when asked how they use various sources to find content created by a particular organization, […]

B2B Content Marketing: Executive and Brand Perspectives, Compared

How do business executives feel about content marketing – and do their perspectives align with content marketers’ efforts? A recent study from the Economist Group developed in association with Peppercomm provides a host of fascinating insights, arguing that brand marketers are “missing the mark” by, well, marketing. It’s hard to argue that marketers engaging in […]

How Mobile Owners Respond to Difficulties When Using Apps to Shop

Source: Contact Solutions Notes: Asked what they do when they struggle using a mobile app for shopping, 51% share of mobile owners responding to the Contact Solutions survey reported that they close the app and abandon their shopping cart. As such, respondents are as likely to abandon their cart than they are to attempt to […]

Instagram Grows As Teens’ Social Network of Choice

Teens continue to gravitate to Instagram and away from Facebook, finds Piper Jaffray in its latest semi-annual survey of American teens. Roughly three-quarters of respondents reported using the visual platform, up from 69% in the previous survey. By comparison, just 45% said they use Facebook, a significant drop from 72%. (Perhaps all those almost-year-old reports […]

How Organizations Are Engaging in – and Measuring – Customer Marketing

Customer marketing – defined as “pursuing revenue from existing customers” – is considered to be important by roughly three-quarters of respondents to a new Demand Metric survey [download page] sponsored by Influitive, and a similar share believe that customer marketing will be important in the future. The survey – fielded primarily among B2B organizations – […]

How Quality-Driven Affluents Prefer to Shop

Consumers who often pay more for good quality are still value-driven, with the vast majority shopping around to make sure they get the best deal (83%) and needing to be sure they’ve considered all options before making a purchase decision (72%), according to a recent study [download page] from iProspect. The survey was fielded among […]

B2B Buyers Increasingly Researching, Making Purchases Online

Some 94% of B2B buyers report conducting some degree of research online before making a business purchase, including 55% who do so for at least half of their purchases, finds the the latest annual State of B2B Procurement study [download page] from Acquity Group, part of Accenture Interactive. And while a growing proportion are now […]

Are Advertisers Ignoring African-American Media?

African-Americans represent 14.4% of the American population, yet only 2.6% of major media advertising is spent on African-American media, details Nielsen in a recent study [download page], with this imbalance relatively unchanged from last year. The report notes that a growing share of African-American households earn at least $50,000, and that this consumer segment’s purchasing […]

Content Management Systems Still Failing Digital Professionals

Source: Econsultancy / Adobe [download page] Notes: While companies are recognizing “the need to provide a seamless experience where content and commerce intertwine,” few digital professionals feel that content management systems (CMS) are good at delivering against their main objectives. For example, while almost 9 in 10 respondents say that a CMS should help them […]