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Are TV Audiences Really on the Decline?

The topics of TV consumption and cord-cutting have been back in the national conversation with the recent rash of announcements regarding stand-alone streaming services from the likes of HBO and CBS. MarketingCharts has been tracking trends in traditional TV consumption on an age basis for several quarters; now new data from Rentrak’s Chief Research Officer […]

Amazon Search: How Important Is The Top Result?

Various pieces of research have illustrated the extent to which search rankings affect click-through rates, with a recent study from Marin Software demonstrating that the top result garners at least 30% of clicks across devices. But what about product searches on Amazon? A new analysis from Compete takes a look, noting that Amazon represented an […]

American Adults’ Use of Communication Devices, by Age Group

Source: Gallup Notes: Asked how frequently they used each of 7 modes of communication “yesterday,” (with the surveys conducted on a Tuesday and Wednesday), adult respondents under the age of 50 reported that texting was the form of communication they most frequently used, followed by emails for those aged 30-49 and phone calls using a […]

A Cohesive Customer Journey Is Critical. Which Technologies Help?

86% of senior marketers agree that it’s either absolutely critical or very important to create a cohesive customer journey across all touchpoints and channels, according to [download page] a survey of 985 senior-level marketers on LinkedIn conducted by Salesforce Marketing Cloud and LinkedIn. As part of the survey, B2C and B2B marketers were asked which […]

How B2B Vendors Are Working to Meet Buyers’ Omni-Channel Desires

B2B buyers are resembling consumers in their online commerce preferences and expect vendors to have cross-channel visibility and omni-channel fulfillment options, according to a survey of 930 B2B buyers at organizations in Canada, the US, UK, France, and Germany. The study [pdf], conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Accenture and hybris, finds that customers’ […]

Digital TV: Authenticated Viewing Continues to Grow

Source: FreeWheel [download page] Notes: Authenticated viewing continues to soar, as 46% of all ad views on long-form and live content for programmers and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) came from behind authentication walls in Q3, per FreeWheel’s report, up from just 14% during the year-earlier period. OTT devices were over-represented in authenticated ad views, […]

Global Video Ad Shares, by Social Platform

Source: Unruly [download page] Notes: Almost 6 in 10 (59.4% of) video ad shares occur on Facebook, with that figure slightly higher for the US (61.2%), reports Unruly in a new study. Beyond Facebook, Twitter picks up the next-highest share of shares (excuse the pun), at 13.8%, followed by Google+ (9.3% globally, but just 6.6% […]

B2B Execs’ Perspectives on CX Problem Areas and Opportunities

The vast majority (86%) of B2B marketers and executives see customer experience (CX) as extremely critical to an organization’s growth, and almost 6 in 10 report being highly focused on CX, according to a new study [download page] conducted by Regalix. While that might be the case, there are certain customer areas that appear in […]

App Downloads Cost Advertisers More on iOS Than on Android

Source: InMobi [download page] Notes: Based on Q3 network data, InMobi has determined that for app advertisers, the cost per install (CPI) is significantly higher on iOS than Android devices, with this true across all markets studied with the exception of China and France. Across the various markets studied, France emerges as having the highest […]

American Adults Report Declining Trust in Major Corporations

Some 51% of American adults say they have less trust in major corporations than they did a few years ago, while just 8% have more trust, details Harris Interactive in recently-released survey results. Interestingly, skepticism is higher among older than younger adults: 56% of Baby Boomers (50-68) say they’re less trusting of major corporations now, […]

Auto Manufacturer Ad Spend Share, by Medium, in 2014 and 2015

Source: Borrell Associates Notes: Digital media is expected to account for a majority 55.7% share of auto manufacturers’ ad spending next year, up from 44.9% share this year, per a new Borrell Associates forecast. Digital’s increasing spend share will primarily come at the expense of broadcast TV (17.6% in 2015, down from 20.8% this year) […]

1 in 6 Insurance Policy Holders Base Buying Decisions on Claims Experiences Found on Social Media

Source: Accenture [download page] Notes: Some 21% of property and casualty insurance policy holders surveyed across 14 countries say they have read reviews posted by other people on social media regarding their insurance claims experiences, and another 22% plan to do so in the next 2 years, per Accenture’s report. Furthermore, 17% say they’ve based […]

39% of Baby Boomers Plan Major Home Improvements

Source: Demand Institute [pdf] Notes: Some 63% of Baby Boomers (50-69) plan to “age in place” and three-quarters describe their home as one they can stay in as they get older, according to a survey of 4,000 Baby Boomer households. Instead of moving, many have plans for major home improvements in the next 3 years, […]

Advertising on Skype to Engage Upscale Americans?

US adults with household income of at least $75,000 (“upscale Americans”) are more likely to have seen or heard a range of advertising forms than the average American adult, details the Shullman Research Center in a comprehensive survey examining 40 different advertising channels. However, despite their increased reach, these channels don’t always garner a higher […]

8 in 10 Mobile Web Users Have Recommended A Brand Based on Its Mobile Site Experience

Source: Netbiscuits [download page] Notes: 80% of mobile web users across 6 countries report having recommended a brand based on its mobile site experience, according to a Netbiscuits survey. Respondents in the emerging markets tracked – China (95%), India (95%), and Brazil (91%) – were the most likely to have made such a recommendation, with […]