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Fastest-Growing Retail Digital Commerce Categories in 2014

Source: comScore [download page] Notes: E-commerce and mobile-commerce spending on digital content and subscriptions increased by 27% year-over-year in 2014, almost doubling the overall retail digital commerce growth rate of 14% and ranking as the fastest-growing spending category, according to a comScore report. Digital spending in the consumer packaged goods (21%), apparel & accessories (20%) […]

Average CMO Tenure Rises Again, Has Doubled In the Past Decade

Source: Spencer Stuart Notes: CMOs see themselves as having greater responsibility for company strategy in years to come, and one sign of that increasing influence might well be their longer tenures. Indeed, Spencer Stuart’s latest annual study of CMO tenure finds that the average tenure for CMOs at leading US consumer brand companies has grown […]

Consumers Say Smartphones Top PCs For Local Shopping Research

Source: Local Search Association / Thrive Analytics [download page] Notes: Some 49% of US adults point to their smartphone as the device they most commonly use when looking for local information online (i.e. shopping, restaurants, and local services), up from 42% of respondents last year and topping PCs and laptops (40%) in the process, per […]

Are Young People Watching Less TV? (Updated – Q4 2014 Data)

The latest TV viewing figures are in, and with 4 years’ worth of data to examine, it’s possible to see some real trends emerging in Americans’ TV viewing habits. The short of it? Yes, youth as a whole are watching less TV – and 2014 appears to be the year in which those declines accelerated. […]

Form Conversion Rates: What’s Working?

Form conversion rates continue to depend more on the type of form being used than the number of fields in the form, reports Formstack [download page] in its second annual “Form Conversion” study. This year’s study adds lead generation forms (such as those used for gated content downloads) to the list of analyses, finding that […]

Broadband Subs Closing the Gap With Pay-TV

Source: Leichtman Research Group Notes: The top broadband providers – representing roughly 94% of the market – added about 3 million subscribers in 2014, bringing their total to 87.3 million, according to data from Leichtman Research Group. That equates to a total broadband subscriber base of around 93 million. By comparison, the top pay-TV providers […]

As TV Viewers Time-Shift, What’s the Implication for Ad Avoidance?

TV viewers claim to spend a slight majority (53%) of their viewing time with time-shifted rather than live (47%) content, according to a recent report [download page] from Hub Entertainment Research. While that runs counter to Nielsen figures, which find live TV to be the predominant form of consumption, there’s no doubt that time-shifted viewing […]

Average Ad Spending Per Capita: US Tops List

Source: Strategy Analytics Notes: Marketers spent an average of $567 advertising to each person in the US last year, according to Strategy Analytics’ calculations, with this topping the list of global markets analyzed, ahead of Australia ($486) and Norway ($472). By comparison, ad spend per capita is much smaller in China ($35 per capita) and […]

Connected TV Owners’ Interest in TV Commerce Activities

Source: Delivery Agent / Nielsen Notes: Roughly 7 in 10 US adults who have a TV or other device (video game console, streaming media player, DVR, DVD) connected to the internet agree that they would be interested in using their remote while watching TV ads to have a sample of a product automatically mailed to […]

Customers Prioritize Service Over Price and Brand, CMOs Say

Source: Duke University’s CMO Survey [pdf] Notes: CMOs narrowly give the edge to excellent service (23%) over product quality (22%) and a trusting relationship (21%) when it comes to their customers’ top priorities in the next 12 months, according to the latest edition of the CMO Survey from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Over […]

Almost Half of Young Mobile Phone Users Report Regularly Comparing Prices In-Store

Source: GfK [pdf] Notes: 40% of mobile phone users surveyed across 23 countries claim to regularly compare prices while in-store, according to a GfK survey, with this activity slightly more prevalent among men (42%) than women (37%). Among age groups, 20-29-year-olds are the most likely (49%) to report regularly comparing prices using their mobile phones, […]

CMOs See Budget Hikes on the Horizon, But ROI Proof Remains Elusive

American CMOs are more optimistic about the overall economy than they have been in years, and with that optimism comes renewed enthusiasm with respect to marketing budgets, finds the latest edition of the biannual CMO Survey [pdf] from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Indeed, respondents expect budgets to increase by 8.7% over the next […]

B2B Buyers’ Biggest Frustrations With Vendors

Source: SAP [download page] Notes: Business buyers report receiving an average of 64 approaches from salespeople every week, according to a recent SAP survey, so it may not be too surprising that the most commonly cited frustration they have with vendors is aggressive salespeople (48%). Closely behind, though, 46% cite frustrations with salespeople who lack […]

Consumers’ Expectations Continue to Grow. Which Brands Are Best at Meeting Them?

Consumers’ emotional expectations from brands continue to grow but brands are failing to keep pace, reports a new study from Brand Keys. The 2015 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI) study uses a proprietary survey-based research method to assign each measured brand a percentage score indicating the degree to which it meets expectations against a consumer-generated […]

B2B Content Marketing Update: Goals, Content Types, and More

There have been numerous studies about B2B content marketing released of late (a couple of examples here and here), and a newly-released report on the topic, from Regalix [download page], supports many of the earlier reports’ findings while adding some new insights.