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October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Some exciting things happened on the Net during the past few weeks and they include some very exciting changes on Google as well as some very interesting stats on the performance of ads on Facebook.  Here are some of these:

Articles 1 – Three New Ways to Market Your Small Business

This article is from Marketing Profs and is written by Sandra Rand

Many small-business owners have only enough time to approach marketing as a one-time deal, or they view it as a responsibility that can be tended to once in a while. Running your small business is an arduous labor of love, but promoting your company continually and with new, targeted efforts is necessary to connect with new customers and stay top-of-mind with current ones. Read the full article.

Article 2 – Google+: Source code reveals unannounced features?

Code junkie Matt Mastracci discovers new features that Google+ hasn’t released yet. If he is correct, Google is ready to step it up with fixes, new features, and user experience improvements to stay competitive with Facebook. Read the full article.

Article 3 – How the “new Facebook” impacts news feed optimization

Over the last two weeks, Facebook released several bold enhancements to its platform that give users more freedom and flexibility with the way they share content and communicate with friends. These enhancements touch nearly every facet of the user experience, which will have far-reaching implications for marketers who communicate with their customers on the platform. Read the full article.

Article 4 – How To Choose Between Google AdWords And Facebook Ads

SMBs with tight budgets and schedules can’t afford to throw their online advertising dollars against a wall to see what sticks. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right site. Read the full article.

I’ve deciphered these articles and techniques, and I am able to translate their recommendations and ideas into requirements and plans for your own business or website. If you want to explore further, contact me at or call me at 415-670-9397.

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